“The Graduate program has helped me out in so many ways.  It taught me ways in which applying for colleges can be easier. They’ve just taught us so much that we didn’t know. At the Graduate program they really want the best for me so I try to keep my grades up. I am glad I got the opportunity to be in this program.”      - Alma, 11th grade

“Gracias al programa Graduate, me siento seguro de poder alcanzar mis metas.  Gracias por el apoyo incondicional y por motivarnos al triunfo.”     - Luis, 9th grade

“The Graduate program has helped me out this year by motivating me to improve my grades, and now my GPA is better than it was at my other high school... Now that I’m involved in the Graduate program, I feel that I can achieve my goals and I know that there will always be people to support me.”     - Gerson, 9th grade

“Thanks to the Graduate program I have more hope about the future. My grades now are higher than they have ever been before.”    
 - Daniel, 9th grade

“All through out this year the Graduate program has helped me to see how important school is. Now I see that having an education is the most important thing that one can have.”      
- Ana, 9th grade

“The Graduate Program motivated me to pull my grades up and graduate on time. I don’t have to worry about being alone because I can make new friends.”    - Flavia, 10th grade

“Antes de comenzar en el programa Graduate, tenía dificultades en mis clases. Aunque le ponía toda la atención a los maestros no lograba entender por completo. Gracias al programa Graduate he subido mis calificaciones a un grado significativo. Ahora es menos difícil hacer tareas y mis exámenes han mejorado muchísimo.”     - Nuria, 11th grade

“The Graduate program helps us on anything we need help on. I thank them a lot for helping me in school and putting me back on track”    - Cinthia, 11th grade

“Antes de comenzar en el programa Graduate no me gustaba hacer mis tareas, no le ponia atencion a los maestros, decepcionaba a mi mama con mis malas calificaciones. Luego me dijeron que había sido seleccionada para participar en el programa Graduate y fue asi que encontre la motivación para echarle adelante.”    - Rosa, 11th grade

“This year the Graduate program has showed me the path to being independent and succesful.”    - Carolina, 11 grade

“El programa Graduate me ha ayudado a saber que puedo graduarme con honores. Los tutores me han dado muchas esperanzas.”    - Xiomara, 9th grade

The Graduate program has helped me learn that just because you are Hispanic, does not mean you can’t do what other people can and that is to go to college. This program has helped me to know that I can do what I really want to do and how to take more responsibility.”    - Cynthia, 10th grade

“Sometimes I get the feeling that I don’t want to go to school but then I remember that I have the Graduate program after school so I choose to go to school those days. This program has helped me stay more connected to my classmates and my teachers.”  
     - Abigail, 11th grade

“My mother and I now are not confused and scared as much as before about school. Now we feel confident. My mother has become more involved in my school. Now I want to learn more about my school subjects. My mother feels more proud about me.”   
     - Eduardo, 10th grade

It has been great working with you and Emily. The Graduate Program has certainly made a significant difference in many of our students' academic and personal lives. Thank you for all that you did to spur them along to pursue a higher level of expectation and achievement.

Doreen Wassell 
ESL Teacher 
Cummings HS

Thanks for all you’ve done to help our Hispanic  students this year!  I know it’s made a difference.  

Brian Jordan 
ESL Teacher
Graham High School
I AM SOO glad that you have been a part of our school. This program has been awesome and it has really helped a lot of our students not only do better in school but gain the confidence they needed to succeed in life.
I hope that there continues to be funding as I truly think the program can continue to benefit our students. Have a great summer!

Michael Shannon
Theatre Arts: Performance & Technical
Graham High School
Please know that I think your program is excellent.  I know that [a student I teach] credits it with helping him stay on top of his work this semester, and he's doing a good job.  I very much hope that you are able to get funding for next year, as I feel that it's a valuable program that really helps our students.

Emily Trudeau
Social Studies Department
Graham High School

I am very pleased that the names on your list are seen very rarely in ISS these days.
[Several students] have made startling turn arounds in their attitudes towards school Whatever you are doing, please keep it up! These children are obvioulsy benefitting from the program. Thanks for all you do.

Mrs Angie Capps
ISS Coordinator
Graham High School