Program Information


ONE ON ONE COACHING: Specially trained coaches work with students to support, guide, and motivate them pursue academic and personal goals.

AFTER-SCHOOL TUTORING & LIFE SKILLS SESSIONS: Tutors and coaches support students in developing necessary skills to pass core classes, manage everyday life, and transition into college/ job readiness.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES / INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKERS: Students participate in field trips, conferences, and events; and hear and get to know other Hispanic inspirational leaders and professionals.

FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Wake County Parent Academy trainers teach parents to navigate the school system, communicate with school administrators and teachers, understand testing, and other requirements for college. Our workshops reinforce the importance of education as a family goal


1)      When and Where?
The ¡Gradúate! Program is offered to 9th to 12th grade Hispanic students at select Cary, Millbrook, and Southeast Raleigh high schools in Wake County.

2)      What is the ¡Gradúate! Program?
The program includes guidance and support during the school day by a Graduate Coach, after-school activities for students 2 days per week, and family educational workshops one evening per week for 4 weeks during the months of October and November.   Programs will be aimed at increasing students’ attendance, academic achievement, graduation, and families’ involvement in their children’s education.

3)      What will we be doing? 
- Give support to students and their parents, so the students will be able to pass their core courses.
- Monitor the students’ grades, assignments and homework, and give academic support.
- Monitor students’ attendance to school
- Provide after-school activities such as tutorial support and life skills presentations.
- Train and assist parents in monitoring and supporting their youth to help them find greater success in their classes.
- Teach students and their parents about graduation requirements, financial aid for college, and tests required to get into College.

4)       Who is invited to join the Program?
- Any 9th to 12th grade Hispanic student that wants to join other Hispanic students that have graduation as a common goal.
- Any Latino student that wants to learn life skills.
- Any 
Latino student that feels the need for help to pass his/her classes.
- Any 
Latino parent that feels his/her child needs help in school.

5)      Where & What time?
- At “your” school
- During school hours (advice/questions/suggestions/problem solving)
- After-school hours (tutoring / life skills presentations / college information.
- After Working Hours (6 – 8 PM) one day per week, months of October and November, family education workshops.

6)      Will Transportation be Available?

- Millbrook High School - After school busing is available by activity bus with limited route.
- Cary High School - No after school transportation is provided.  
- Southeast Raleigh High School 
- No after school transportation is provided.  

7)      How much will it cost?  -  It is FREE!!!!

8)      How to register for the program?  (in Spanish or English)
- Fill out the permission forms and ask your child to give them to the ¡Graduate! Success Coach at your school.
- E-mail Neyra Toledo at

- If you see our Graduate Coach at your school, let him know that you want to participate in the program.