¡Gradúate! Club

Looking for a way to implement a Latino academic support club in your school? 

The ¡Gradúate! Program was created by the NCSHP as a strategy to directly promote academic achievement among Hispanic high school students in North Carolina. The  ¡Gradúate!  Club was developed as a more practical, easy-to-implement, and less costly variant of the ¡Gradúate! Program.

The  ¡Gradúate!  Club has four overarching goals:
  • Increase student attendance, academic achievement, graduation rates, and family involvement in their children's education.
  • Encourage students to pursue higher education and provide information about college admissions, financial aid, and available opportunities.
  • Provide social and cultural enrichment activities that both broaden the student's worldview and give them more depth of experience in areas of strength or particular interest.
  • Provide unity and a sense of belonging to Hispanic students.